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Virginia Crossed $100 Million in Speeding Ticket Revenue in 2011

April 4, 2012 | 1 Comment »

So reported AAA Mid-Atlantic, based on the motorist association’s research. Reckless Driving was the second most common traffic offense reported, after speeding, with Reckless Driving generating nearly $30 million dollars in ticket revenue.

The most lucrative area for the state? A non-quite-a-mile stretch of I-295 near Hopewell, Virginia. This “Million Dollar Mile” alone generates many millions of dollars in speeding ticket revenue, mostly from out-of-state visitors passing through the area.

AAA Mid-Atlantic’s John B. Townsend calls these skewed statistics ”enforcement for money, not safety,” something that potentially, “undermines the credibility of law enforcement.”

For further details, check out FairfaxNews.com which has posted a lengthy story on the AAA report.



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