Loudoun County Virginia Reckless Driving

Thank you for contacting The Gordon Law Firm regarding your reckless driving case.

We look forward to speaking with you to see how we can help. You should expect a call from our office soon.

If you have sent us information regarding a reckless driving charge in Loudoun County, Virginia, expect a call from one of our legal assistants, Vanessa or Alana, who will get some basic information from you regarding the circumstances of your case, such as:

  • Where was the ticket was issued?
  • What is your previous driving record?
  • What kind of vehicle were you driving?
  • How did the officer calculate your speed? (Usually Radar, Lidar, or Pace)
  • What are the best phone numbers and email addresses for us to reach you?

Your Free Consultation

Based on this initial information, one of our attorneys, Carlos Wall or Alex Gordon will contact you as soon as possible to ask you more detailed questions, offer our legal advice and perspective on your case, and if we believe that hiring an attorney is in your interest, we will inform you the cost of our attorney’s fees.

Fees & Contract for Services

After that discussion with Carlos and Alex, we will, if you are interested, provide you with a contract for legal services.  We can send it using fax, email, or by U.S. Mail. Carlos and Alex will also provide you with our direct cell phone numbers so you can ask us any additional questions that you may have regarding the contract or your case.

In-Person Appointments

If you were charged with a DUI or other offense in Northern Virginia, we like to schedule an in-person office appointment with you.  That is because Carlos and Alex usually have to speak with you concerning every detail concerning your arrest.

This meeting can last between 45 minutes to two hours.  The consultation is FREE.  We want to know as many details as we can about your case so we can determine the best strategies to defend the allegations against you.

Carlos and Alex believe that the best policy is to be thorough. Our clients expect it.

Telephone Consultation

If you cannot schedule an office appointment, we will be glad to speak with you about your case.  Please however, set aside a period of time of at least 45 minutes when you will not be interrupted, so Carlos or Alex can find out the facts of your case.

After the phone discussion, we may ask that you come in for an appointment so we can develop a strategy together to challenge the evidence against you in court.

Again thank you for e-mailing our firm.  If you do not hear from us with 24 hours please feel welcome to call us at 703.218.8416 or 1.866.591.6682.


We look forward to earning your trust.

Alex Gordon and Carlos Wall

The Gordon Law Firm