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Leesburg Man Gets Three Years on Involuntary Manslaughter Conviction

April 9, 2012 | No Comments »

Michael Rollison was involved in an alcohol-related crash in April of last year that killed his stepfather. Rollinson had two previous DUIs on his record at the time of the crash.

Pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter an felony DUI, Rollinson, was recently sentenced to just under three years in jail, followed by ten years of probation. He had also been ordered to pay a $1000 fine.

Rollinson has acknowledged years of problems with alcoholism. Echoing this, Loudoun County Court Judge, Burke McCahill said that jail time was warranted to ensure Rollinson stayed sober.

“When all is said and done, you took another person’s life,” McCahill said.

Via The Loudoun Times

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